What Dreams may come… Interpretation of a dream

DREAM: Veronica is standing in the long green grass, it’s real grass, but she knows that she painted it. There is a trunk of tree next to her. Veronica takes her paint brush and starts painting flowers right in the air. She painted a lilac tree, but she is not satisfied with her result and she continues painting. It’s white acacia now.

She continues painting when a man comes. He says that it’s really beautiful and it smells like in heaven. Veronica wants to explain that the tree is painted, therefore it can’t smell. She turns her head in the direction of this man and she starts feeling this heavenly smell as well.

(Veronica wakes up from this dream still trying to sense this smell, but it evaporated with the dream.)


This dream was posted in an open forum and different people have given their versions of interpretations. Most of the interpretations given to Veronica concluded that the dreamer is creating her future. As it turned out Veronica’s own initial interpretation of this dream was quite opposite: she thought that the dream was pointing to her false belief in some fantasy. Interesting, that she was happy to see different perspective on her dream from other people.

What’s important is that Veronica’s initial request for interpretation of this dream was about the meaning of its ending. Intuitively she knew that it’s the second part of the dream that has valuable message for her.

And it turns out to be true. The second part of her dream addresses the issue of her disbelief in her ability to create real life experiences by “painting them”. Painting can symbolise creating certain picture through the process of visualising, imagining, experiencing in the form of emotions and thoughts, and taking some actions that lead to the visualised goal.

What she said in her dream about the result of this creative process was “It can’t have any odour”. In this particular dream “smell” symbolises an atmosphere, the surrounding that has tangible qualities that can be perceived with our senses. In other words, in this dream smell is an indicator of the real environment, a physical manifestation of her creative process.

The man from Veronica’s dream is able to feel the “heavenly smell” of her painting. As a dream character this man represents an aspect of perceiving Veronica’s creation as a real thing. When she turns her head in his direction she starts feeling this smell as well.

Symbolism of head (in this dream) is related with mind, thoughts, beliefs etc. “Turning the head” can be interpreted as turning the mind in direction of seeing the result of the creative process as a real thing.

What happened in the dream when she turned her head towards this man? She immediately started to experience her creation in the real physical life. “Heaven on Earth”, according to her dream. It means that if you want to create your real life experience, you have to believe that it’s possible.

As a side note: another interesting point of this dream is about our ability to create and re-create reality. So, if one is not satisfied with the result of their creation (i.e. with their current environment), it means that they don’t have to accept it as a final destination. In other words, don’t stop creating until you feel good about the result.

This is one of the dreams that are not specific to one unique dreamer. The message(s) of this dream can be used by any of us, Creators of our own reality. Let’s use this creative ability to paint the picture that WE truly want in our HEARTS! We have the power to create real heaven on Earth – this is such an inspiring and encouraging message!

Copyright © Rita Lev, 2020
Images: “What dreams may come” (1998) – screenshots from the movie