Spiritual dreams

What defines Spiritual Dreams is not the presence of heavenly scenes, but it’s the spiritual nature of their message. Such dreams may look ordinary if taken literally. And it’s only after decoding their symbolic language that it becomes possible to recognize the spiritual realm behind the thick layer of metaphor which is being used for shielding the information from a casual look.

EXAMPLE  (July 10, 2020 @ 06:45 AM (EDT))

I hear voices of a woman and children walking in the brightly lit corridor towards my door. I get up and open the door for them. The woman brought the cutest blond-haired little boy who is wearing a white nightgown. He is so small that I have to crouch in front of him trying to talk. He is obviously scared of me: it seems as he doubts that I’m real and considers I might be  a ghost. I encourage him to touch my shoulder to prove that I’m alive and real. The brave little boy does what I suggested and feels relieved.

I’m asking his name and he pronounces it in English, but modified into the typical Russian style. I exclaim how cute he is and open my arms for him to embrace me. We are sharing a nice long hug…

* End of dream *

There is nothing in this text that would point directly to the spiritual nature of this dream. The clues about it came later… But it’s worth mentioning that the feeling of this particular dreaming experience was different than usual: it felt like I wasn’t sleeping, but instead I’ve just “shifted” between the layers of reality.

I  felt stuck right away trying to interpret this dream, as I didn’t know anything in my life at this time that this dream could be possibly applied to, until two days later the grave news came about my father-in-law passing away. But even then I didn’t think that this dream had anything to do with that, until I heard someone mentioning the name of the boy from my dream in relation with my late father-in-law. That was the clue for interpreting my dream: name of the boy –>  my father-in-law  <– Russian way of pronouncing names. (My Russian-speaking side of the family was always referencing my father-in-law using our typical Russian style for modifying names of close friends and relatives making them sound softer.)

So, this little boy in the white nightgown who was scared of me, thinking that I’m not real, was actually the image of my father-in-law crossing to the spiritual realm and having doubts that it is real and there is real life there.

Then who was “I” in this dream? This is quite a common question when one is seriously working with their dreams, because any dream can be demonstrated from any perspective (depending on the needs of the dreamer). In other words, the dreamer is not always presenting himself/herself in their dreams: they can play any role of any aspect that exists in their inner world or in their outer environment.

So, this dream was obviously shown from the perspective of the spirit (or spiritual realm) – someone/something whose existence has no tangible proof… until one meets it. Even when scared and in doubt, person’s life doesn’t end there – this is one of the spiritual messages of this dream. This “cute little boy” is brave to embrace this new reality with his both hands. He is warmly welcomed and loved there – this is a second message of this dream that is probably even more needed and important  than the first.

In the time of grief, uncertainty and unanswered questions dreams can bring at least some relief and answers to our dreadful questions…. if we choose to listen…

© Copyright: Rita Lev, 2020