Dreams are parables

“A parable is a short tale that illustrates a universal truth; it is a simple narrative.
It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results.”

Humanity was fascinated by dreams for millennia, but modern people pay more attention to reading news in the morning rather than recalling and interpreting their own dreams of the previous night.

Why such neglect to the gifts from the unconscious? It can be partly explained by the nature of the dreams which is symbolic. Metaphors of dreams need to be decoded in order to be understood, but not many people know about this little secret. Maybe the key for understanding our dreams was always in front of our eyes, but we weren’t able to recognize it?

Lets say you are the typical city dweller who has nothing to do with agriculture, but one night you had a dream where you were sowing seeds. If you are unaware that dreams are parables, you may discard this vision as a nonsense or mental garbage that has nothing to do with your real life as a professor or a doctor, for example.

Let’s say that your dream had quite a few interesting details: the seeds you were sowing were falling on the different types of ground, some were eaten by the birds… at the end only part of your seeds survived.

Does this story remind you of something that you already heard?  Something like a parable that most Christians know?  As a matter of fact, the way of decoding this particular parable is described very well in the most popular book of the Christian world. [You can read it, for example, here>> ].

The Bible is not the only well-known spiritual book that emphasizes the importance of parables as being the typical form of the messages coming from the Divine. Quran [Surah 2:26] is also pointing to the use of metaphors for delivering the Truth coming from the highest source [multiple translations of Quran use different terms for the metaphor such as “parable”, “similitude” or “example”, implying the same concept of a symbol or metaphor].

Eastern spiritual traditions are more exact on the point of working with dreams as a path for spiritual ascension. Dream Yoga is one of the widely practiced methods for reaching enlightenment and liberation.

Besides spiritual teachings, there are contemporary studies based on the work with the subconscious, particularly with the dreams, for the purpose of resolving psychological problems and improving the quality of life. These disciplines are based on the understanding that dreams have a symbolic nature, and many attempts for defining the universal language of unconscious were made, but everyone who is seriously working with their dreams, knows that there is no way to compile symbolic images from the dreams into one dictionary that’s valid for everyone.

Here we are coming to the question about the reason for using metaphoric language in communication between unconscious (or divine) and conscious mind. Firstly, the nature of unconscious is difficult to describe in the terms of common languageit is only by using allegory that it is possible to explain some concepts that are outside of our normal conscious understanding. Secondly, there is another, more important purpose for the language of dreams to be encoded which has to do with the preservation of free will of the person decoding their message. Expressing personal advice and/or spiritual teachings in the form of a metaphor allows this person to make his/her own Choice, which is the main goal in this third density. In other words, we may listen or we may ignore the message of a dream, because it’s not an obvious instruction. Moreover, we can interpret it in the way that is more convenient for us, but it’s up to us to make the decision about the particular situation in life that the dream refers to, and no one should interfere (even The Divine) with the process of learning the lessons of life and being tested during these studies.

In the age of global awakening the importance of understanding the symbolic language of one’s own dreams becomes crucial, as people can easily get trapped in the reality of pure fantasy if they take these messages literally, instead of embracing the need for their inner work which is the only true recipe for transformation of the Self and for assisting positive global change.

© Rita Lev 2018